Monday, 28 September 2009


Walking along on Westminster bridge this sunday, in the slanting sunlight of late afternoon, the pavement was full of people, families local and foriegn enjoying the blue skies.  Suddenly I noticed the footpath was awash in a row of erect phalluses. And people, unaware,  were checking out the Eye or the Abbey. Once I had taken some pictures and showed the passing Japanese tourists special London focal point that lay at their feet... like a Mexcican wave lenses were redirected to the pavement and the sound of shutters click click click click!

Some cheekily skipped across the row of phalluses while some let out hearty gurguly giggles  (the kind of giggles one rarely hears from eighty year olds!) as they huddled between the shade avoiding the phallic light from touching their feet!!

Imagine, regular familiar settings... at certain time of the day... at a precise hour as the light hits certain spaces and creates magical shadows... texts, images and shapes suddenly transform the urban settings. The shadows created by the natural light... green and eco-conscious and site/time specfic artistic interventions - LUMAFFITI.

Felt like creating a new word from an inspired moment!


  1. lolz that's interesting indeed, wonder what they were thinking...

  2. well... the georgian era of build on the westminster bridge, they weren't thinking that at a particular time of the day sun would shine in a way that the trifoil pattern would end up looking like monster dicks across the western side of the pavement.
    copy paste the link... it is only a trifoil!

  3. my lovely friends this evening read Lumaffiti as 'muff'...
    so now on their suggestion and having looked at the etimology of graffiti, it now reads much better and wholesome as LUMAGRAFFITO.

  4. quite intresting Ali .. u have veryy keen Eye............ i luv it !